The Danone Activia Range

Which one's your favourite?

  • Do you love Activia for breakfast?
  • As a lunchtime dessert?
  • A mid-morning or afternoon snack?
  • Or as an evening pick-me-up...

We are passionate about bringing you a tasty range of flavours for you to choose from at any time of the day.


Our classic Activia range includes something for everyone, from fat-free yogurt to luscious fruit layers, without forgetting natural, fruit and cereal yogurt along the way. Check out all our tasty flavours and pick your favourite.

Activia Breakfast Pots with Crunchy Clusters

Our single pot toppers are great to eat at home or at the office and so tasty they really are a reason to smile on the inside.

Activia Intensely Creamy:
The great end to your evening meal

Made with a distinct blend of moreish dairy ingredients for a smooth, thick and creamy texture, Activia Intensely Creamy comes in tantalising flavours like Velvety Vanilla and Peaches and Cream. And with only 3% fat, a delicious way to give yourself some TLC.