The Danone Activia Range

Which one's your favourite?

  • Do you love Activia for breakfast?
  • As a lunchtime dessert?
  • A mid-morning or afternoon snack?
  • Or as an evening pick-me-up...

We are passionate about bringing you a tasty range of flavours for you to choose from at any time of the day.


Our classic Activia range includes something for everyone, from fat-free yogurt to luscious fruit layers, without forgetting natural, fruit and cereal yogurt along the way. Check out all our tasty flavours and pick your favourite.

Activia Intensely Creamy:
The great end to your evening meal

Made with a distinct blend of moreish dairy ingredients for a smooth, thick and creamy texture, Activia Intensely Creamy comes in tantalising flavours like Velvety Vanilla and Peaches and Cream. And with only 3% fat, a delicious way to give yourself some TLC.