The TLC Plan from Activia

Feel your fabulous best this spring with the TLC Plan from Activia

If you'd like to eat healthily, get fit and have fun while you're doing it, then try the TLC Plan from Activia. Instead of suffering with celery sticks and pounding the treadmill, we'll making feeling great something you'll really enjoy.

Start with our 14 day meal plan giving you tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas along with an Activia yogurt each day. As we get to know you we'll recommend tips and ideas from our experts in nutrition, fitness and lifestyle, to suit you and how you're feeling each day. The TLC Plan also offers tips and advice specifically designed to make your tummy feel good.

The plan is completely free and as easy as TLC!

Plus if you try Activia for 14 days as part of the TLC Plan and don't feel great, we'll give you your money back. We can't say fairer than that!

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