Rebekah's lifestyle tip : Snooooozzzzzze

It's easy to say you should sleep more, but hard to put this into practice! To make it easier to get off to sleep, you can rearrange your bed - make it extra specially comfy by plumping up the cushions or having a hot water bottle on your belly while you sleep. Having a cup of calming tea such as valerian or chamomile tea helps as well.

Also, before bedtime, make sure you don't do anything too active, but gentle stretches are a good idea. Try some of Nicki's yoga stretches : LYING DOWN YOGA STRETCH or the TRIANGLE POSTURE .

If you have thoughts whirring round your head that are stopping you from sleeping, it's a good idea to keep a pad and pen by your bed so you can write everything you're thinking about down, ready to deal with in the morning, so you can forget about it for a while and go to sleep.